The current position:About Three A—Three A Industry

1.Ningbo three a group Electric Appliance Co Ltd

    Ningbo three a group Electric Appliance Co Ltd,Is a professional production of Italy type Coffee machine enterprises, annual production capacity of more than 100 taiwan. At present the export oriented products, are exported to Europe, North and South America and other countries and areas.

The company since its inception, has attached great importance to product technical communication technology research and development and the international, and the world famous Coffee enterprises have very close cooperation of OEM. Thanks to the international exchange and cooperation platform, company product range, excellent quality, is one of the most Chinese scale Italy Coffee machine of professional production enterprises.

At present, Coffee machine company has passed the GS/CE, UL, CUL, ROHS and other international certification and the 3C certification China. The company is located in the Chinese triple-A electric current economic development of the most potential area, the Yangtze River Delta economic circle of Zhejiang province Cixi City, belonging to the Ningbo AAA group. In 2004, three a trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office as "A Well-Known Trademark in China". In order to the international advanced level of Italy Coffee machine, provide to the domestic majority of Coffee lovers, let them enjoy the pure Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte and other delicious Italian Coffee, the company began in 2008, will be part of the Coffee machine suitable for home sales in china.

With our help, at home, you can drink and "STARBUCKS" the same delicious Italian Coffee.

2.Ningbo three a panoramic Printing Co., Ltd

    Ningbo three a panoramic Printing Co., LtdFounded in 2000 September, is located in the Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Bridge at the southern end of China, 329 State Road, from the front through the company, convenient transportation, 70 km from Shaoxing.

The company covers an area of 20 mu, its parent company, playing cards and paper products in the world's largest production base ---- Ningbo three a group Co., ltd.. The company has annual sales of more than 6000 yuan, on-the-job worker 300, among them, senior technical management personnel 20; with Germany Heidelberg printing machine two, automatic die-cutting and creasing machine, bronzing machine, high-speed visco box machine, glazing calender, UV oiling machine, laminating machine, high speed corrugating machine group, imported high-speed drum paper cutting machine and other printing and packaging equipment group. At the same time also has advanced in today's Heidelberg Prepress digital workflow (including Mac design platform, CTP plate making system (free film), digital and Remote Proofing, color management system).

Our vision: stronger, bigger, far away, become the printing industry in Ningbo area of the top company;

Our strategic goals: supporting strategy implementation, a long-term partner of top companies both at home and abroad;

Our business philosophy: a high starting point, high input, rely on the management of technological innovation, create new color printing packing enterprise, casting quality, service brand;

Our quality policy: high standards and strict requirements, holding pieces of first-class products; ground communication good improvement, for each customer satisfaction. Strictly according to the standard process to guide the production, to ensure product quality, in accordance with the 5S standard to strengthen production site, ensure the production site clean, controlled by JIT model, to ensure smooth logistics.

The company is committed to large and medium-sized food, household appliances, electronics, medicine, chemical industry and other light industry products to provide high-quality packaging box, paper box, color card, tag the prepress design, printing, Postpress etc. all in one service. Poker box we produced to obtain USA Las Vegas Casino quality accreditation, vacuum cleaner packing box production become Electrolux domestic designated supply packaging box.

"Quality of tangible, limitless communication, unlimited service", we provide single documentary service for our customers, and provide various types of packaging carton, carton, color card design puzzles, online network printing, remote digital proofing and printing, Postpress all in one service!

3.Ningbo three a special Paper Co., Ltd.

    Three a special paper is Ningbo three a group Co. Ltd. and Shanghai New Jiangnan Paper Industry Co Ltd Qiangqiang jointly set up, belonging to the AAA group, engaged in the development of special paper production, sales as one of the independent accounting department.

At the beginning of 2005, three a special paper established since, by virtue of the new Shanghai Jiangnan Paper Co., decades of management and research experience, and a large number of specialty paper research and development and technical management team, relying on the three a group of advanced production line equipment, two years has research and development production of 9 kinds of special paper products, including the development of the two generation anti fake stamp paper success, the technical level of stamp paper production in China has reached the international advanced level.

Three a special paper now has four advanced specialty paper production line, mainly the production of varieties are: generation of anti fake stamp paper, two generation anti fake stamp paper, CCK paper, Juan face stamp paper, cardboard paper cast way, playing cards, senior black core paper playing cards, a total of 14 major categories of products and at the same time provides the products of foreign processing business.

Three a special paper general manager Mr. Jiang Haibin sincerely invite all sectors of the community friends to visit and give guidance, the development of cooperation, and seek common development.

Sales Hotline: 0574-63320862 Fax: 0574-633019785

Ningbo three a group Machinery Factory

    Ningbo three a group machinery factory is an emerging industry AAA group investment in R & D, the factory started in 2007 and moved back to Ningbo three a group factory in Zhejiang Wuyi County in early 2006, playing cards and cards produced reasonable automatic cutting machine physical row (a a type, a two pair of type) created a precedent of poker production history, with independent intellectual property rights (national invention patent No.: ZL200310116761.5), the indentation, traditional manual sorting two processes into one, greatly improving the work efficiency.

AAA machinery will be the spirit of "honest, trustworthy, everything for customers" business philosophy, the use of our advantages in resources, deployed reasonable workshop skilled workers, for the class of user training operation, sincere service for our customers, reaction time was the fastest and best service quality, solve your any menace from the "rear", make our products and service to create more convenience and wealth for you! In order to mechanization, automation, informatization tomorrow poker manufacturing industry, let us together refueling, refueling, refueling, achievement, achievement, and achievement

The structure design:

In order to ensure the accuracy of the finished product of 1 adopted the "three point plane, design principle of two point fixed line";

2 using the steering structure, simplify the part, improve the reliability of the whole machine is reduced at the same time, the floor area of the whole machine;

3 the use of high quality materials, special gear structure, ensure the steady transmission and life;

4 by controllable drip lubrication system of economy and environmental protection;

5 using negative pressure discharge system to collect waste edge, ensure the operation reliability;

5. The panoramic Ningbo Properties Limited

    The panoramic Ningbo Properties Limited (hereinafter referred to as the company) is from the Ningbo three a group Co., investment in the establishment of a comprehensive real estate development enterprises, with four qualifications in real estate development. The company is located in Zhouxiang Town Cixi City, is the town of Zhouxiang, the first with a certain scale real estate company, the company registered capital of 20000000 yuan. Company in accordance with the modern enterprise system management mode, follow the limited liability company system operation mode, set up marketing centers, operation centers, engineering design center; the center of each act with united strength, coordination, the initial formation of a progress, the courage to open up the enterprise team. The company always adhere to market-oriented, quality as the fundamental development philosophy and operating principles, and constantly watch and observe the real estate market, and actively seek to explore with the market mechanism to adapt the business strategy and management policy, regional brand road.

As the company's investment subject Ningbo three a group Co., Ltd is currently the world's larger cards and related paper products production base. The first project "the company since its establishment in 2009 the development of Hui Garden", the work carried out smoothly, the project design by Zhejiang Tianzheng Engineering Limited company to design, by the Ningbo construction Limited by Share Ltd to undertake, producer Cixi City Construction Supervision Consulting Co. Ltd. is a supervision unit of the project. This project in October 10, 2012 the successful commissioning.

The company will uphold the fine style of work and Ningbo three a group Co. Ltd., in the spirit of pioneers, walk not in front of people pass through the road, no one is done do front; adhere to the "create fine works, contributing to society" business philosophy, follow the "pursuit of excellence, casting quality" purposes, will continue to make contributions to society.

We sincerely hope to join hands with the community and into, and seek common development, Tongchuang a better future.