The current position:About Three A—Enterprise features

Ningbo three a group Co., Ltd is a company specialized in research and development, manufacturing and sales of cards, stamp paper related paper products and printing, small appliances, real estate and other joint-stock cooperative enterprises.

The company was founded in 1985, at present, the company registered capital of 88000000 yuan, the total assets of 500000000 yuan. With three large industrial park, covers an area of 158000 square meters of construction area of 75000 square meters. With an annual production capacity of high-grade entertainment, advertising poker 500000000 pair, Is currently has a considerable size of playing cards production base.

In this thirty years, the enterprise can steady development the main factor is the enterprises to formulate and implement the business strategy right.

The first stage: the implementation of brand strategy, undivided attention to become bigger and stronger poker;

The second stage: the investment in the development of related industries and playing cards, playing cards, paper products, printing paper;

The third stage: the diversification of investment, operation of specialized investment project, small household electrical appliances, paper products, paper, printing, postage stamps of real estate projects;

The fourth stage: the financial investment, capital operation.

To provide users with quality products and dedicated service is the company's tenet. The company has introduced the advanced printing equipment, Germany Roland Corporation and Heidelberg Corporation and flexible printing system, with constant development of new products. Production and management company has maintained sustained and rapid and steady growth, the main technical and economic indexes have been for fifteen consecutive years ranked domestic industry first. In the future, the company will continue to strive, strive to be "triple-A" construction to become internationally competitive trans regional, cross industry, cross ownership of multinational management of modern enterprise.

To this end, chairman Jing Huanan, general manager of King Yuzhou carrying all the staff warmly welcome leaders of all levels and all the friends visit the guide, mutually beneficial cooperation!