The current position:Human Resource—Recruitment Information
     Ningbo Three A Group adhere to the "people-oriented" concept of employment, selection of personnel, use of talent, training, and retaining talent, talent preferential policies, liberal employment environment, competitive employment system, as well as a broad development platform , the company needs to continue to attract all kinds of professionals to corporate entrepreneurship and development.

     Re not only academic ability, not only re-level diploma, not only on the level with all-rounder, capable, let Ping, dwarfs the next.

     Want to give the opportunity to the Director, the Director-General to be able to post, do nothing to position

     Mutual trust and respect, welcome colleagues from different backgrounds, and strive to create and innovate, and agreed to cover the company diversified work environment, be proactive, challenge each other to do well prepared for the change and to achieve the goals and make unremitting efforts we share knowledge and experience, and to improve our performance through cooperation, we care about each other, and based on the needs of individuals and companies seeking to balance personal life and work, we strive to create a development, health and inclusive work environment, we to live learning and development of staff responsible for the development of the ability to enhance the company responsible.