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Second Session of the Sixth Chinese sports goods Poker Association Professional Committee held

   April 12, poker industry colleagues from around the country gathered in the beautiful Xishuangbanna, Zhejiang Binwang company, Ningbo Three A Group, Shanghai Yao Kee Corporation, Zhejiang Wansheng company, Jinhua three arrows company, Ningboyaning the company, Wenzhou Ou Paper Machinery Factory, Zhejiang Lanxi Fortune company, Zhejiang spray company, Zhejiang punctuality company, Hangzhou-man company, and the company in Zhejiang Dongyang, Zhejiang Wuyi East printing Machinery Company, Fujian Reach Paper Company, Tangshan Yutian yuan Chong Machinery plant, Guangdong color packaging company with the United States, Shandong Heze poker printing company, printing and packaging company in Shanghai Hairun more than 20 delegates attended the second meeting of the Sixth Committee of poker professionals. Association vice chairman and secretary general stylistic Yi Xiao Li was invited to attend. Professional Committee of the Secretary-General Ma Miao chaired the meeting.

   Qin Feng, director of the Professional Committee of House summary of the work on 2013 and 2014 work plans speech. Speech stressed that in the case of industry-wide overcapacity, to do every hand. Ma Miao Secretary-General (QB / T2228-2013) industry standard July 1, 2014 to come into effect were propaganda. He particularly emphasized the new standard for packaging requirements, and called on companies to follow the new standards as soon as possible to organize production. The Conference adopted the Wuyi East Printing Company is a professional executive director of the Commission proposal.

    Yi Xiao Li Secretary-General on the tripartite poker industry, the current economic situation and future work, such as interviewing the view, she stressed that companies operating according to the requirements of normative systems to sustainable development. Delegates on industry research and innovation, to combat counterfeiting counterfeiting, to solve industry-specific issues, such as play a professional role of the Commission conducted a lively discussion.