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Warmly celebrate the success of Ningbo Three A Group website facelift

In order to enhance the company's image, strengthen advocacy efforts to create favorable conditions for the company's business and development, for a more prominent showcase the company's size and strength, to better showcase the company's external image, Ningbo Three A Group Co. website www recently successfully completed the upgrade and facelift, making Web content richer, more timely updates.

The new website upgrade in order to improve the company's image, convenient product promotion, to provide quality services for domestic and foreign customers, enhance the company's influence for the purpose of Columns sites, functional design, services, content and presentation were so large adjustment, in accordance with the zoning re-sort the columns section, further integration of corporate information resources to provide customers with a more comprehensive and efficient and convenient services. "Customer satisfaction" is our greatest pursuit, we will continue to uphold the attitude to customer service intentions, with more enthusiasm, more focus on the spirit, more professional quality to provide our clients with quality services.

The revised site also has many shortcomings, we are trying perfected. I hope you browse while leaving valuable comments and suggestions, feedback mailbox