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Celebrate Ningbo Three A Group plant 29 anniversary

August 8, at the door, "Celebrate Ningbo Three A Group factory celebrate the twenty-ninth anniversary of" lie like a rainbow arched door in the sky, and if half the sky reunion celebration, symbolizing the three A's business is booming, passionate burning, endless charm. Flags fluttering in the company, Yang wind everywhere, showing the three A crusading majestic. Slogan of "A vision is casting three internationally renowned brands and cultural center of the world of poker", "learning from history and future, step by step, the ambitious exhibition; innovation and change with the times, always love three A", "Together, solidarity, solidarity, going all out to strive "," Farewell today we will stand in a new starting point; looking forward to tomorrow, we cast the world's three a "," survival, love and dedication with the company a common destiny; and development, pioneering enterprising startups situation "," firm belief, seize opportunities, meet the difficulties, drink from the source, advocacy Thanksgiving, return to the community, "" the spirit of carrying forward 8.8: beat, Yabu Kua, destroy not destroyed, the war will wins, dry set win ", reflecting the three a person's spirit, but also show the three people working together a collective consciousness and indomitable enterprising will.

There are embodied in the form of celebrating the first-line triple-A person under the workshop spirit of hard work operations; has "race style, race friendships, tournament level" labor competition and skills contest; there is love and attention homes for the elderly living alone activities; has sent blessings, concerned about the next generation of social welfare Cixi trip; has written entrepreneurial spirit and ideas of calligraphy competitions and essay contests; there are thankful sign language performance "grateful Heart"; has demonstrated teamwork flag-raising ceremony; has around rationalization of enterprise development proposal ...... celebrate different carriers, in the form of not stick together.

August 8 is the Triple-A a vital turning point in history, all three A person is understood and recognized by a tortuous, Endeavour final turn to win the day, is remembered in all three A historic moment. A man put all three of the three A's turned into truth passion is best to plant commemorative celebration. Please all three A man action, each person grow a small step, our Triple-A to take a big step.