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New standards promulgated poker industry
With the rapid development of the industry, the introduction of advanced processing technology, as well as users' needs change, the current poker industry standards (QB / 2228-2003) in the part of the technical indicators and is now incompatible with the actual situation of the industry, in order to further meet users' cards put forward higher requirements, and to better regulate the market and unity in the industry's technical specifications and testing methods, and promote the healthy and rapid development of poker industry.

Style supplies standardized by the National Sporting Goods Association Center and Professional Committee of Chinese poker recommended amendments to the composition of the industry-standard drafting team total of seven units were organized three meetings, invited experts and poker production business representatives, to send review after review, and the final on March 25 after the Review Conference adopted the views of organized into final Technical review Panel, submitted to the China light Industry Federation. "Poker" QB / T2228-2013 national light industry standards to December 31, 2013 issued by the People's Republic of China approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Bulletin (2013 No. 71), the standard implementation date of July 1, 2014 day.